Born sometime in November 1991 it was never officially noted when Delila Clarke was born. No one even remembered where she came from. The name Delila itself means secret. She hated the name all the kids used to make fun of her in school for her unusual name. She supposedly grew up in the care system which she couldn't remember clearly. She barely got through high school scarcely graduating. Delila suffered with severe flashbacks not knowing what any of them mean.She left the orphanage age 16 where she was left to fend for herself. She would receive random joker cards with messages or slogans on them which she never understood till the present day.

Age 19 she found herself getting into trouble a lot with the cops.She started getting into drugs never taking them just selling them she wasn't in any position to turn down money she was barely making ends mean working in a bar. She didn't mind the job but it wouldn't pay the bills.Summer that year she started dating a famous gang leader named TJ who treated her like a princess. Delila described him as broken inside but he had high contacts in the right places which he used to get a good reference for Delila. She had told him about her past and how she wanted to find her real family and something told her the joker cards she was recovering knew the truth behind it all, one of them specifically had Gotham City written on it with red marker.Tj would do anything for her, he was so deeply in love with her he just wanted her to be happy and if that meant letting her go to Gotham city so be it!

25 years old and off the boat Delila had landed herself a job as a police officer with GPD she figured if she was going to be staying for a while she would need a job not to mention the fact that if she was in the police force she would d have access to all the DNA databases in the world which would enable her to find some of her biological family so she thought. With nowhere to stay she washed and changed in the nearest cafes or leisure centres before work. Knowing nothing about Gotham's history including Bruce Wayne and his family and also informed about the batman and his involvement with the police by her now father figure James Gordon. The more he got to know her the more he loved her like a daughter and wanted to protect her.

Since she had arrived in Gotham her flashbacks got worse often getting them at the bank robberies that had been hit. Joker cards similar to the ones she had received had been left at all of the crime scenes.