Born December 15th 1980 approx 6:45 am to a single mother (Agatha Saunders), Sagittarius, Blonde with bright blue eyes which she inherited from her mother.Resided in Knightsbridge, London for the majority of her adolescence with her mother. Although her mother never told her who her father was she always did the best to give her everything she could possibly give her.Her mother was her only friend in the world and she loved her dearly.

Victoria nickname Vix attended high school where she became shy and conserved but stayed deeply involved with her studies, she wasn't a rebellious child like most people her age. After surviving a sexual attack on her way home from school she knew she wanted to help victims just like herself and victims of more vicious crimes for the rest of her life. She never told anyone about the attack, keeping it to herself afraid that no one would believe her.

Eventually her mother remarried a man named Eric Newton. Victoria kept her mothers maiden name which didn't surprise her. Still upset about the father she had already lost she didn't need another lifetime long heartbreak.Often having arguments with her stepfather she tended to keep a distance from him. A few years later Victoria now 15 years old a baby sister was added to the family. Along with a little bit of jealousy vix began hating the little girl as she got most of the attention.She would still ask about her biological father but would still get the stupid reply "You don't need him" or "He's useless you don't need to worry about him".

Age 18 finally finishing highischool she moved out into a small apartment away from her parents and growing step family. Her place in central London she juggled between a job and her criminology degree which she completed successfully.

The older she got the lonelier she felt. Still isolated she barely saw her family anymore people found her intimidating considering the job she had. She was well known around london for convicting many criminals and winning many cases. Although she was moving on with her life she still couldn't seem to fill the empty gap her father left behind.In 2013 her mother fell gravely ill with ovarian cancer seen as it was a late diagnosis she died a few weeks after. At her funeral was the last time she saw her family not that she wanted to anyway.

2015 she bumped into Eric randomly which was when he handed her a handwritten letter which she recognised. When she opened it, it explained everything she had been waiting to hear since she was a little girl.Her mother had given her some idea's to where he might be and told her especially not to get her hopes up.After finding out her father was a man names Alfred Pennyworth she set out to Gotham city to find him.